Our products

The Old Coffee offers a wide range of products for both the bar high for the catering industry to get through the store, up to your homes.
Mixtures by the most delicate tastes more determined, we can satisfy all tastes. The purpose of grinding the traditionalists mocha or practices wafers for espresso lovers. Our "home delivered" were designed to ensure a perfectly easy and coffee extract.
Our blends are stored in packages to ensure freshness durability. Our coffee can be tasted in a cup any.

We created for you the finely decorated china, pieces exclusive signed and numbered. A stylish coffee L'Antico is an experience that begins when you enter the bar. We attach great importance to the environment in which to spend these small moments. The individual perceptions, nuances, small personal feelings sought to praise not only with our own but also blends with the environment around you.

Therefore, we customize our roasters to give every place the same sensations.
The small magical moments begin within.

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