The coffee plant

The coffee is born spontaneously in Africa but is now also grown in the intertropical climatic zones of Asia and America. Where dry seasons alternating with rainy seasons rather than the plant find the best conditions to grow, develop and bear fruit.

In other environments should be very careful to dl season harvest as green coffee is easily alterable. Moisture is perhaps the worst enemy of coffee caused the spread of fungus and fermentation. That’s why, after harvesting, the coffee must be brought quickly to processing and storage in dry environments.

The fruit of the coffee, when ripe, is similar to a cherry shape and color. From drupa, this is the name of the cherry, we extract the bean, origin, appears light green in color. It will then roasting to make it dark brown as we all know it.
There are many species of coffee though, Arabica and Robusta varieties cover almost all of world production. Kinder, Arabica has an intense aroma with a slight hint of bitterness. The Robusta variety, by contrast, shows features rougher: it is less fragrant, more bitter, with about twice the caffeine content of Arabica variety



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