Four generations of coffee roasters

Why ‘’L’Antico’’?
We have been coffee roasters for four generations.
Working with coffee is an art and to taste it is an experience. It is not the technology that create coffee excellent, but it is love we put in during the care and oasting process. To the five senses that make all the roasters professional we add the sixth: and that is the heart.
Beginning of our story starts in 1909, when Ambrogio Cagliari was suggested to represent Brasilian government- Istituto Brasileiro in France.
Ambrogio was so impressed by coffee plantations in Brasil, that when he returned in Bordeaux, he decided to found his first coffee roasting company.
His son Francesco continued the art of roasting coffee by moving the company to Italy. Francesco’s son, Dante, after graduation in Economics went to Brazil to become specialist in the world of coffee.
The experience he acquired there, took him to work as a freelance lecturer in commodity economics at the University of Bologna, the one of the oldest in the world, where he was teaching students on the photochromic of coffee.

Now Dante is considered one of the best coffee experts in Italy: he was presented in Tv , participated in a lot of conferences not only in Italy but also in foreign countries to advice to other coffee roasting companies how combine different kinds and quality of coffee blends.
Thank to his great experience, he is known and admired from many people. He always creates new special blends, depending on requests of market and costumers.

Nowadays Caffè L’Antico company is runned by Dante and his sons, Gabriella and Francesco whose experience in this sector is for more than 15 years. The wide range we offer is created by the precious and selected coffee origins that guide you to find exactly what you are looking for. We do not want you to confuse by hundreds and hundreds of proposals and talking about thousands different coffee types…The best products are made by low number of coffee origins, but really carefully selected.
The many years of skills guarantee rich, complete and full-body blends, whose characteristics keep unchanged from the moment of production till the final consumption- either at home or bar.



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