A magic moment

Why you drink coffee?
Why is good. E ‘simplistic as true. If a drink has been handed down through the centuries gradually increasing in importance, entering different cultures, deserving scientist researchers treated has a root that means strong and universal.

Coffee has been written for centuries and just be written.
-You like a coffee? “- Is an application specific and not due to a general desire dictated by thirst or hunger. This means that coffee is an experience, like the wine or tea.
No need to be sommelier to taste the black drink, but knowing the characteristics helps us understand and improve their experience.
In front of the cafe, even before tasting it, we begin our experience, we live now. May be silent or talkative, there is a rule. Certain is that we approach with some more positive predisposition to this small but intense moment.
Coffee is for everyone, not everyone interprets it as they age according to a very personal sensibility.
At a coffee we can associate a smile, a sentence, a look and again, a moment of reflection, music. In two words: sensory experience. Espresso, long macchiato, American… everyone interprets it according to the taste, the unique nature and place where it is immersed.
But the coffee is always the coffee.

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