Linea L’Antico

L’Antico Silver coffee – 1000 g
Full-body and intense with spicy tones. Ensures a long-lasting taste, particularly
pleasant after a dinner full of intense flavors.

L’Antico Red coffee – 1000 g
The typical coffee for bar, the composition of Arabica and Robusta underlines
the taste of espresso, making it unique with intense aroma and balanced flavor.

L’Antico Gold coffee – 1000 g
The combination of excellent Arabica and Robusta enhances the body of
a typical sweet tasting coffee for pastries.

Riserva Nero - g. 1000
Black Riserve coffee – 1000 g
A mixture which contains the acidity of Central American coffees.
Carefully added fine Robusta enriches the body and cream of this blend.

L’Antico Pure Arabica coffee – 1000 g
Blend of high quality coffee Arabica. The slow process of roasting brings out
the full Central American coffee aromas with a pleasant sensation of roundness.

L’Antico Strong Aroma coffee ground/beans
250 g tin

L'Antico Espresso Bar
L’Antico Espresso Bar coffee ground/beans
250 g tin

L'Antico Puro Arabica
L’Antico Puro Arabica barattolo caffè macinato/grani
g. 250

Barattolo Antico caffè
L’Antico ground coffee
125 g tin

L'Antico Desan
L’Antico Desan decaffeinated coffee ground/beans
250 g tin

Cialde sfuse caffè
Coffee pods
150 pieces

Cialde sfuse caffe deca
Decaffeinated coffee pods
38 pieces

L’Antico zucchero buste
L’Antico 5g sugar sachet
10 kg

Pinin zucchero
Pinin 5g sugar sachets
3 kg

L'Antico zucchero di canna
L’antico brown sugar sachets
150 pieces

L’Antico barley pods
40 pieces

Orzo solubile
Soluble barley
in a bag

Decaffeinato confezione buste - pz. 72 / g. 500
Decaffeinated coffee sachets – 72 pieces / 500 g

Tazza caffè L’Antico
L’Antico coffee cup

Tazza capuccino Caffè L'Antico
L’Antico cappuccino cup

L’Antico Gran cappuccino
L’Antico Gran cappuccino

Tazza caffè L’Antico Edizione limitata
Limited edition caffè l’Antico

Tazza cappuccino L’Antico Edizione limitata
Limited edition capuccino l’Antico

Tazza caffe Ancap L'AnticoL’Antico Ancap coffee cup

Tazza caffè L’Antico Edizione limitata
L’Antico Ancap cappuccino cup

L’Antico soluble hot chocolate in a tin – g. 1000

L'Antico Ginseng solubile
L’Antico soluble ginseng coffee in a tin
g. 1000

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