Linea San Paulo

San Paulo Oro
San Paulo Gold – g. 1000
Full-body and intense with spicy tones. It ensures a long-lasting taste, particularly pleasant after a dinner full of intense flavors.
San Paulo Rosso
San Paulo Red – g. 1000
The typical coffee for bar, the composition of Arabica and Robusta underlines the taste of espresso, making it unique with intense aroma and balanced flavour.
San Paulo Oro barattolo - g. 2000
San Paulo Gold tin – g. 2000
The combination of excellent Arabica and Robusta enhances the body of a typical sweet tasting coffee for pastries.
San Paulo Rosso barattolo - g. 1000
San Paulo Red tin – g. 2000
A mixture which contains the acidity of Central American coffees.
Carefully added fine Robusta enriches the body and cream of this blend.
San Paulo Decaffeinato barattolo - g. 1000
San Paulo Decaffeinated
tin – 2000 g

San Paulo Forte Aroma
San Paulo Strong Aroma
coffee tin ground/beans- 250 g

San Paulo Espresso Bar
San Paulo Espresso Bar
coffee tin ground/beans- 250 g
San Paulo Puro Arabica
San Paulo Puro Arabica
coffee tin ground/beans- 250 g
San Paulo Desan
San Paulo Desan
coffee tin ground/beans- 250 g

Capsule caffè - pz. 100
Coffee capsules – 100 pieces
Cialde caffè - pz. 150
Coffee pods – 150 pieces
Cialde caffè deca - pz. 38
Decaffeinated coffee pods – 38 pieces

Zucchero bustine
Sugar sachets 5 g – (10 kg box)
Zucchero di canna
Brown sugar sachets – 150 pieces

Orzo in cialde
Barley pods – 40 pieces
Decaffeinato confezione
Decaffeinated coffee sachets – 72 pieces / 500 g
Tazza caffè
Coffee cup

Tazza cappuccino
Cappuccino cup
Cioccolato solubile
Soluble hot chocolate tin – 1000 g
Ginseng solubile
Soluble ginseng coffee tin – 1000 g

Grembiule professionale
Professional apron.
Contenitore per zucchero
Sugar dish
Contenitore per tovaglioli
Double napkin holder.
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