Who we are

Our company is the place, in which our customers have their first contact where the experience we offer.
The experience not just about tastes but going beyond…

Our fifteenth century castle, called as well Montecuccoli degli Erri, belonging to our family for four
generations was built in 1490. It is one of the first historical residences in the wide area of Modena.
One of the most important events, which took place in the castle was the lavish wedding of Nicolò
Rangoni, Lord of Modena and Spilamberto, and Bianca Bentivoglio in 1600.
From the 17th century to the end of the 18th, this castle belonged to the noble Montecuccoli family.
From now on end it is still our family’s property.
Here begins your experience: the place where atmosphere combines with art, aromas with history, people’s hospitality with warm surrounding that encloses you. Visiting customers will have the chance to pass a pleasure time at our company’s residence that was as well home of Raimondo Montecuccoli, now symbol of our firm.

The company is located in an ideal position, easy to reach from all directions. It is just a 20km far from Bologna airport and 1km far from highway del Sole exit. The park around the residence has two helicopter landing pads, and it is also close to the link-up with the A22 Brenner Pass motorway.

We would be very pleased to welcome any costumers who wishes to join us and visit our company as well.



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