Caffè l’Antico offers its end customers, partners and distributors qualified personnel and a room equipped for being trained on the world of coffee, our products and related sales techniques.

Demonstration lessons on the art of roasting will also be held to those who request it.

Caffè L’Antico also organizes Cafeteria and Latte art courses in which the following topics are covered: 

  • history of coffee
  •  the coffee supply chain. Arabica and Robusta in comparison: visual and gustatory recognition 
  • Italian espresso: correct grinding and extraction
  •  Italian Cappuccino: correct frothing of the milk
  • Latte Art
  • Problem solving and analysis of the different cases

Our partners and their most important customers are invited to stay overnight at our family Residence, Montecuccoli degli Erri Castle, to lose themselves in the atmosphere and traditions that have accompanied us since 1909.