Coffee Gallery Silver Edition

1000 g

Full-body and intense with spicy tones. Ensures a long-lasting taste, particularly pleasant after a dinner full of intense flavours.


Coffee Gallery Red Edition

1000 g

The typical Italian Espresso coffe. The composition of Arabica and Robusta underlines the taste of the Espresso, making it unique with intense aroma and balanced flavour.


Coffee Gallery Gold Edition

1000 g

The combination of excellent Arabica and Robusta enhances the body of this typical sweet tasting coffee.


Coffee Gallery Special Edition

2000 g

This prestigious coffee lin, celebrating the emblematic figure of Count Raimondo Montecuccoli degli Erri, consists of bold but refined tones, full-bodied but sweet, thanks to the combination of the finest Robusta and South American Arabica with intense but delicate tones.


Coffee Gallery Selezione Speciale Bar

2000 g

Unique blend, with a fine and floral body and an intense cream, perfect combination of Central and South American Arabica and washed Robusta.


Coffee Gallery Anniversary Edition

3000 g

One of the finest blends with a balanced, aromatic and fruity body and a delicate chocolate aftertaste. An explosion of inebriating and intense flavours.

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