Cagliari Ambrogio Maria was born on April 22, 1872 from Cagliari Luigi e Bettuzzi Domenica.


Ambrogio arrives in Sao Paulo in his early twenties. It is in the Brazilian fazendas that his adventure in the world of coffee begins.


After returning to Italy for a short time to get married to Ravazzini Pia, together with his wife, mother and his two brothers, Rodolfo and Giovanni, he immediately travels back to Brazil, opening in Sao Paulo a family business of import products.


Having developed a deep knowledge as a consultant and classifier of coffee, as well as on roasting techniques, Ambrogio is sent to Europe by the Brazilian Government as a representative of coffee and attends the “World Exhibition” in the cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse, for propagating the Brazilian coffee trade in Europe, at the time still unknown.

In Bordeaux, France, the eldest son Francesco is born and Ambrogio decides to move permanently to Italy, where he founds in April 1909, together with his two brothers Rodolfo and Giovanni, a shop in the Town Hall of Modena, with the sign “Bar San Paulo, Grande Torrefazione Igienica del Caffè Brasile di Cagliari Ambrogio e C. ”



Caffè San Paulo company takes part in various international events, being awarded with the Gold Medal at the “Genoa International Expo”


Rodolfo and Giovanni leave the company and Ambrogio is entitled as the only owner of the firm.


The company expands and moves to the premises of Via Albinelli on the corner of Piazza XX Settembre owned by Ambrogio.

On July 21st Ambrogio assigns his commercial company to his male children, Francesco, Renzo and Luigi.

Among the brothers a collective company is established with a duration of ten renewable years.



Temporary closure of the activity due to the military appeal of the three brothers until November 1945.

On December 31st, the company is damaged by an air raid.



With mutual agreement between the brothers, the dissolution of the company is agreed.

Francesco will carry on the family tradition by moving and expanding Caffè San Paulo company in A.L. Muratori 313 street, switching from an artisan company to an industrial reality, establishing a network of representatives and vans for the distribution of coffee throughout the Modenese territory.


After Francesco’s sudden death, his son Dante, together with his wife Alberta, takes over the management of the company.


The new “L’Antico” brand is launched. It has been a great success since the beginning for the correlation with the family tradition and the hospitality for visiting customers.


Alberta dies prematurely and her daughter, Maria Gabriella, carries on the family business together with Dante.


Caffè L’Antico distributes its products to more than  500 customers between coffee shops and restaurants in Modena area.
On May 8th Reggio Emilia warehouse is inaugurated to facilitate the coffee distribution in the provinces of Reggio, Parma and Piacenza.

It is time for the company to overlook foreign markets. From nearby Western Europe, mainly German territory, which is the starting point of export, the Balkans and the Eastern European markets rapidly follow, reaching United States also.



Distribution in Bologna area begins, which today boasts over 100 customers.


Seven Beans Coffee Company” is inaugurated in Bangalore, India, as result of the partnership between Caffè L’Antico and Shetty family, owner of endless coffee plantations. The firm is currently India’s fourth largest coffee company by turnover and is supplying coffee beans, ground coffee and capsules, roasted and produced according to the Italian techniques to the entire Indian territory.

Caffè L’Antico distributes to over 40 countries.

Export is growing very quickly and the production area is expanded, with a new packing line for the various formats from 1000 g to 250 g.



New markets are reached. The company distributes to 45 countries, both in Europe and overseas, and acquires IFS FOOD certification at HIGHER LEVEL.


Achievement of the ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE and RAINFOREST ALLIANCE certifications.


Further expansions of the production area with the new line for the production of cans in different sizes from g.3000 to g.250.

Caffè L’Antico becomes the first INDUSTRY 4.0 certified coffee company in Modena.