Our headquarters, located in one of the most thriving commercial areas, close to Modena city center, boasts a cutting-edge production site, equipped with latest generation technologies thanks to which we obtained IFS FOOD-HIGHER LEVEL certification and became the first coffee company in Modena recognized as INDUSTRY 4.0, recognition that aknowledges the high standards of the production chain, from the raw product to the finished one.

Caffè l’Antico, unlike most Italian coffee roasters, has adopted production elements aimed at implementing high quality standards at the expense of the production costs, such as slow roasting of 18 minutes, air cooling process and fumes non-recycling, thus guaranteeing a constant, fresh and aromatic product.

The entire process, from the introduction of raw coffee to the packaging of the finished product, is scrupulously  and electronically controlled.

The heart of the production is supported by storage silos for green coffee and roasted coffee. The latter are particularly important, as the coffee rests 15 days before being packed, thus having time to mature and release the relative aromatic oils. The roasting process takes place at a temperature of 190°-220 °, bringing significant physical changes. Green coffee expands in volume (50% – 80%) and modifies its organoleptic structure and colour; green gives way to brown and there is a weight loss from 17% to 20%, during which the typical aromas of Italian espresso, which we will find in the cup, are developed.

 The detection system of the possible residual impurities of the coffee, which are detected and discarded before the introduction of the roasted coffee into the storage silos, is also essential.

Latest generation packaging machines also allow the packaging in both single and four welds in different sizes from 1000 g. – 500 g.to 250 g. Worthy is the use of the high pressure one-way valve, which allows the coming out of coffe’s  natural gases, while preserving the inside aromas intact.

The production plant is completed by machines for packaging cans in a protective atmosphere in the formats of 3000 g.- 2000 g.- 1000 g. and 250 g. and a plant for packaging American filter coffee in bags from 50 g up to 100 g.

Caffè L’Antico is one of the few Italian companies to blend the different green coffee origins before the roasting process, so that the different varieties combine together during the roasting for a constant and uniform product both at a visual and tasting level.

The ancient tradition that distinguishes us, coming from 110 years of experience, makes us employ a roasting system that is no longer in use for obvious economic reasons.

It’s about working on the flame that roasts the product. To feed the heat, the temperature is created by a flame that is modulated gradually during the roasting process, once at 190°, then at 205°, then at 208°, then at 210° and 215°, until the coffee reaches an optimal degree of roasting and comes out at 218°.

The roasting is done with two fires -flames- to feed the heat. At two thirds of the roasting, the second flame is removed to ensure that the coffee gets cooked evenly inside, without causing excessive roasting on the surface. The process ensures that the roasting time is extended to 18 minutes, and the resulting product is perfectly and homogeneously roasted both outside and inside.

This process which starts at two thirds of the roasting is called “removing the second flame”, as it was employed in the ancient roasters and is rarely applied since it requires extensive experience, attention and greater expenditure of heat.