Antico Sapore Rosso

An intense aroma that will wake you up immediately, guaranteeing you a pleasant morning pleasure. For true coffee lovers. An intense, full-bodied and fascinating taste of bark and caramelized walnut. It goes great combined with milk.

Antico Sapore Argento

For a lovers of balance taste!
Intense aroma of full-bodied coffee beans and a pleasant taste through which a note of raw almonds permeates with a special taste of cocoa in the aftertaste.
Mild tones of nuts are blended into a silky finish with compact cream.
The perfect combination of sweetness and pleasant bitterness.

Antico Sapore Oro

Premium quality coffee – unique in the Serbian market. A rich aroma that releases the best notes of black chocolate with apricot and toasted hazelnut aroma. A refreshing combination for a triumph of flavors.

Antico Sapore Premium

This unique blend will be your first choice for everyday pleasure with its highest quality coffee blend of 95% Arabica and 5% Robusta only. It gives an exceptional cream. For special occasions and your favorite friends. A refreshing and delicate aroma that conquers even the most refined palates.