L’Antico Argento

Full-body and intense with spicy tones. Ensures a long-lasting taste, particularly pleasant after a dinner full of intense flavours.

L’Antico Rosso

The typical Italian Espresso coffe. The composition of Arabica and Robusta underlines the taste of the Espresso, making it unique with intense aroma and balanced flavour.

L’Antico Oro

The combination of excellent Arabica and Robusta enhances the body of this typical sweet tasting coffee for pastries.

L’Antico Riserva Nero

A blend holding the fine acidity of Central American Arabica and fine Robusta added with care, enriching the body and creating the typical cream “a mantle of monk”.

L’Antico Arabica 100%

Blend of high quality coffee Arabica. The slow process of roasting brings out the full Central American coffee aromas with a pleasant sensation of roundness.

L’Antico Arabica 100% Rainforest Certified

High quality blends of Arabica coffees Rainforest certified.

ESE 44 Coffee Pods

150 pcs

ESE 44 Decaffeinated Coffee Pods

38 pcs

L’Antico Sugar

5 g. sachet – 10 kg box

L’Antico Brown Sugar

5 g. sachet – 5 kg box

Sweetener sachets

150 pcs

L’antico Pinin sugar

5 g. sachet – 3 kg box

L’Antico Brown Sugar

sachet – 150 pcs

L’Antico Barley pods

40 pcs

Decaffeinated coffee sachets

72 pcs / 500 g

Top Selection Gourmet

Caffè L’Antico is pleased to offer you a trip in the world of coffee and in the world of the most re-fined aromas, a jouney in 8 essences extraordinary. Each capsule contains the best of our production to be enjoyed by using your professional coffee machine. Your customers can choose between 8 different essences on a journey across continents and fabulous aromas. This box is designed for you professionals, always attentive to the needs of your customers, because everyone of them can finish meal dreaming about diferent journey.

Capsule monodose

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Gran Crema
Caffè Decaffeinated
100% Arabica
Green Cofee

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Draining herbal tea
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