Costarica Tarrazu

Highly estimated not only because of its perfect aspect, but also for its mild acidity supported by a pleasant sweetness. Floral, fruity, mild, caramelly.
Good body, the fine acidity expresses notes of sweet citrus fruits which, in the prolonged aftertaste, enrich it with dark cocoa veins and spices.

India Malabar

The traditional monsooned Malabar AA with its high uniformity and distinctive woody flavour. Full body with intense nutty and spicy aroma. Due to its very mild acidity it is highly appreciated in Espresso blends.

Kenya AA Plus

Sappy, sweet with rich florals, ripe strawberries aromas and notes of melon, mango and tangerines. Incredibly complex flavours’s texture.

Guatemala Antigua Pastores

Its high-altitude cultivation endows it with exceptional verve and full bodiedness, a spicy aroma and a perfectly balanced sourness. The best quality of Guatemala comes fron Antigua region where climate is mild and volcanic soil is perfect for growth.

Columbia Supremo

Pleasant acidity with feelers of carameline citrus fruit mixed with notes of mature susine and fresh dates. Very extended aftertaste that reveals a surprising note of dark cocoa and raisins.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Excellent as single origin. Mostly employed in high quality blends as a flavour intense base with mild but distinctive acidity. Floral, nutty, with hints of dried fruit and tobacco and the total absence of bitterness.

Ethiopia Sidamo

The washed Sidamo has a light body and a floral taste in the cup. Marvellous as single origin. Intense aroma and flavours: floral, bergamotte and chocolat. Te intense, complex acidity is accompained with a pleasant sweetness. 

Brasile Santos Mogiana

Excellent as a single origin. Very balanced high quality base with intense flavour and pleasant acidity and sweetness. A very smooth, perfectly balanced cup. The intense honey and mealty flavour are balanced with interesting acidity. An impressive toasty and caramelly aftertaste.

Perù Chanchamayo

Good body, balanced, velvety and mature, with a delicate aromatic taste combined with hints of cocoa and sweety fruity aroma. Smooth floral aftertaste.