Our company, a family business of 4 generations of coffee roasters, has always stood for the quality of the product entirely roasted on site by blending the best coffee origins directly imported from the production country and freed from any impurities before coming from Trieste to our company and a second time at our facilities.

We carry on the family tradition to mix the different coffee origins before roasting them, creating an explosion of flavours and aromas perfectly combined together during the process. As a result, our blends will always be constant and uniform.

Maria Gabriella Cagliari

A meticulous and thorough checking is made for each coffee batch, starting from the sample of green, to the roasted beans and to the final product in cup, to assure the high quality standards are always reached.

Dr. Dante Cagliari, which belongs to the third generation of the family’s roasters, has achieved a fifty-year experience in the field, in fact, after graduating in Economics at Bologna University with a thesis on coffee, he went to Brazil himself and attended several coffee course at Anderson Claiton college in Sao Paulo. He is the one, who, together with his daughter Maria Gabriella, takes care of selecting each coffee origin, which is then expertly blended to create an exclusive product.

dott. Dante Cagliari

Unlike other local enterprises, our company stands out for the treatment of the product, by adopting production elements voted to enhance the quality regardless the production economy:

  • Roasting time of 18 minutes

The procedure, slower and therefore more expensive in terms of energy consumed, is carried out by switching off the second flame when 2/3 of the roasting is reached. The slower process guarantees the preservation of all the aromas and a more uniform roasting.

  • Fume recycling disabled

By disabling the fume recycling, we do avoid the deposition of unpleasant odors and unpleasant flavours on the beans. In fact, the roasting fumes contain waste and harmful substances, such as cellulose -not digestible-, which we prefer to convey in the exhaust chimney. This measure increases the quality of the finished product but, at the same time, increases the production costs, not allowing the recirculation of the heat.

  • Air cooling

We do cool our roasted beans only by fresh air, whereas the majority of the roasters do prefer to use water cooling. The advantage of water cooling system is evident: to increase the weight of the beans -by water absorption – of about 5%, with additional profit. By air cooling, our roasted beans will always get completely dry and will not be exposed to mold, for a product always fresh and aromatic.

Thanks to these characteristics, our premium blends are highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad. The quality of our products have enabled a rapid development in more than 40 countries, bringing export to currently have a predominant role.