Tradition and hospitality

The headquarters of our company is the place where our customers approach the experience we offer, an experience consisting not only of gusatory flavours, but of many wider and innumerable nuances.

The heart of our company is Montecuccoli degli Erri Castle, built in 1490, which has become a symbol of the company itself and of the main brand, L’ Antico, bearing the emblem of the Castle.

From 1600 to 1800 the Residence belonged to the noble family of Montecuccoli, to whom it came following the marriage between Francesco Montecuccoli and Caterina degli Erri, heir of Giuseppe Fogliani, bishop of Modena, and was also home of Count Raimondo Montecuccoli degli Erri, valiant general, in his youthful years. The Castle has belonged to our family for generations and is unanimously recognized as one of the most prestigious historical residences in the province of Modena.

It was also visited by Napoleon III, as guest during his trip to Modena to visit the prestigious Military Academy, in 1858.

Each coffee line, starting from the main one, L’Antico, has a close relation with the family Villa, such as  Montecuccoli line, which takes up the picture of the famous leader located in the main hall of the Residence; the 1490 line which celebrates the year in which the Castle was built and Caffè degli Dei line, which is inspired by a mythological themed Renaissance painting.

The Residence is located in a strategic position, being 1 km from the Modena Sud motorway exit and only 20 km from Bologna airport.

Two helicopter landing strips mean that the castle can be reached from any point, thanks to a strategic position such as the confluence with the Brenner motorway.

Any of our friends and partners will be welcome guests and will also have the chance to visit our production site.

The bedrooms reserved for them, with a facing 16th-century sitting room, are immersed in the greenery of a boundless garden, full of the most disparate forms of vegetation. A large living room is the perfect place to have lunch and talk jovially, reliving the past atmospheres.

Our guests will also be given the privilege of sleeping in the same bed as Napoleon III, during his stay in Modena in 1858.